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Why are you Extreme?  
Matt and Steve’s company believes in creating products that are…..

  • Extremely fun,
  • Extremely tasty! Big Crunch & Bold Flavour
  • Extremely Healthy , Gluten free, 10 calories or less per serving 
  • Extreme Quality, hand picking the best and highest standards of ingredients. Rigorous selection process on every ingredient.
  • Extremely Social – Enjoy with friends.
  • Extreme Customer service, If we fall short on anything we will fix it to the extreme.
Are your products all natural?
Yes! All Matt & Steve’s pickled products are all natural.

Do you use artificial flavors or colors in your products?
No, we are proud to say, all of our pickled products have no artificial anything!

How long do your products last after opening?
The expiration is 1 months after opening while refrigerated.

Where can I find the expiration date on your products?
The best before date on all of our jarred products can be found on the bottom right of the label (below nutritional information) or on stamped directly on the jar above the label. 

Sometimes I notice white or grey flecks on the asparagus, is this okay?
They’re good for you! These flecks are actually a protein buildup called rutin, a natural flavonoid in asparagus that sometimes reacts harmlessly with the vinegar. Rutin is created within pickled asparagus when asparagus is heated within an acid such as vinegar in the pickling process. Through this process, rutin is drawn out of the asparagus.
It then becomes insoluble in the vinegar and crystallizes on the asparagus. The flecks of rutin can have many great benefits. Rutin is a strong antioxidant, which can be effective against inflammation, cell damage and blood circulation problems.

Where do you source your asparagus and beans?
Our beans and asparagus are grown in the United States and Canada.

What countries do you ship to?
We ship to the United States and Canada.

How much will shipping cost?
Shipping prices vary by location.

What payment methods do you accept?
We happily accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

I’d love to carry your products in my retail store – How would I go about being a wholesale customer?
Great! – Please send all retail inquiries to jamie@mattandsteve.com

If you have any other questions that you can not find here, please do not hesitate to contact us.